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Odell Harvey

Carolina Roller & Supply Co., Inc. was established in 1935 by three ingenious entrepreneurs.  Odell McCormick Harvey, Marvin S. Hartman and Grady E. Howard quickly blazed a trail into the textile industry covering drafting rolls with leather and the Carolina Roller Covering Shop was born.

Odell Harvey and family members attained complete ownership of the company in 1952.  Odell molded and enriched his company by using the outstanding ideals and values which influenced his life and family.  These ideals and values were inevitably passed on to his son, Ause Mack Harvey.  Ause’s clever intelligence aided in the continuous growth of the roller shop by adding the sale of various textile supplies to textile manufacturers.  Therefore, the company’s name changed to Carolina Roller & Supply Co., Inc.

Thirty-five years later, Carolina Roller & Supply became a 3rd generation company with the addition of Ause Harvey’s sons Mack and Jeff Harvey.  They, like their father and grandfather, posses a strong sense of values.  They have answered industry’s needs by adding an abundant array of specialty parts and accessories for textile manufacturers. Top quality general industrial lines, made by leading manufacturers have been added also.

Carolina Roller & Supply Company uniquely positions itself as a manufacturer of some products, a fabricator of others and a distributor of a fine array of premier industrial lines. The primary function of the company is to support the needs of industry through the products and services it provides.

Times and technology continue to change.  Carolina Roller & Supply continues to evolve its services and product lines to meet not only the needs of the textile industry, but other industries as well.  The company continues to maintain the ideals and values first set in place by the late Odell McCormick Harvey.

Ause Harvey
Mack Harvey & Jeff Harvey

Many things have changed since 1935.  Drafting rolls have not been covered in leather since WWII because of the durability of rubber.  Eighty percent of Carolina Roller & Supply’s business now comes from the sale of supplies and twenty percent from the covering of drafting rolls.  These things have changed, but the concrete foundation laid by Odell Harvey has stayed strong through the years.  This, along with the long hours and hard work of the Harvey’s, has enabled the company to survive and prosper.

Carolina Roller & Supply attributes much of its success and longevity to the dedication of its past and present employees.  It stands firm in the belief in quality work through quality people.  This one principle keeps Carolina Roller & Supply Co., Inc. strong and a valuable source for quality industrial and specialty textile supplies, parts and accessories to manufacturers both now and in the future.

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